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Our Professionals

With more than 40 years of experience in commercial real estate, TG2 & Lighthouse Trio Investments provide award winning service to our clients. Our team of carefully chosen real estate professionals will research your market, and pair you with the best property that will bring you the most success.

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Real Estate Professionals

This team has been buying, designing, building, developing, managing, negotiating and funding real estate projects for over 40 years.  

From single family homes to larger commercial ventures we have been a principle, partner, investor, developer, contractor and employer.

Over the past 40 years, our team has facilitated the sale of high-end custom resort homes, a tennis club and related facilities, prime resort development sites, hospitality sites, commercial sites and has worked with many very successful developers, contractors, architects, engineers, real estate attorneys and public agencies. 

We have bought and sold ocean front property and boating facilities, negotiated long term leases with national fast food chains and big box anchor tenants for shopping center development. We have also been instrumental in siting,building and upgrading hospitals, power plants, major chain retail facilities, tire and battery accessory facilities, high end computer rooms, fast food, banks and health spas.